Welcome to Mosqil

MOSQIL is a brand of a three decade old company in the electronics manufacturing industry. Over the last three decades, we have developed a robust product portfolio that includes LED Lights, Inverters, UPS, TV Kits, Stabilisers, LED Lights, Solar Home Light System etc. and have cultivated a strong dealer network across India over this period.

With an increasing demand for global hygiene, and to tackle one of the deadliest animals and diseases known to humans, we have created MOSQIL, a unique way to fight of mosquitos and their diseases.

With expertise in the field of electronics manufacturing, MOSQIL has reached quality standards that are far beyond the reach of any manufacturer in the country. With higher amount of time spent in research and development and product improvement than compared to any brand in the market. The product is is locally designed as well as manufactured, giving utmost output and high quality protection to your loved ones.